Patient satisfaction

Dr Chris Dalton BDS(Wales) FADFE discusses the benefits of delivering 5 star service to all this patients

Most of us have experienced great customer service, be it from a local restaurant or a luxury hotel, and why should a dental practice be any different? If you want your patients returning to your practice and referring their friends, you need to provide a positive experience. Dentistry needs to work hard to overcome negativity and thankfully we have a number of different ways we can do this.

At our practice in Cardiff we like to think that our approach to delivering dentistry creates a positive experience, with patients leaving after treatment feeling like they’ve received a five star experience that they want to tell their friends and family about.

My wife Gaynor is our practice manager, and she shares my belief that patient comfort and care is a priority and patients should be treated as individuals. Gaynor goes to great lengths to make every effort to put all our patients at ease, especially new ones, who often arrive at the practice feeling nervous.

Clinical Excellence

In the clinical area we always make every effort to make the patient experience as comfortable as possible, and this extends to our choice of equipment. I am always seeking to find new techniques and equipment and recently we purchased an NSK S-Max pico turbine. This handpiece has a ultra-mini head - in fact NSK claim that it has the smallest neck and head size in the world*.

The S-Max pico has been developed to deliver a wider view of the operational field and to deliver the required clinical procedure with more comfort for both the clinician and the patient. I find the S-Max pico particularly useful when treating wisdom or molar teeth where access is restricted, instead of having to ask the patient to open their mouth wider and wider, adding to their anxiety. The handpiece, although small, is very powerful, and this coupled with the built-in LED illumination means I can prepare crowns and cavities easily and quickly, and as the handpiece is quiet and vibration-free the patient remains calm. It makes the perfect partner for minimally invasive preparations prior to the use of ozone. The handpiece is also supplied with a range of diamond burs especially designed and developed for use in combination with the S-Max pico which are ideal for the work I do. In all, the NSK S-Max pico is a fantastic example of modern micro engineering and patients really appreciate its features and remain calm.


Five Star Service

When it comes to working with a dental manufacture or supplier I like to buy products from companies who share my caring ethos. NSK has built a solid reputation for quality products, which are recognised globally as some of the best and most innovative across the industry.

The key to their success in the UK has been the combination of quality products and excellent customer service and I have been very impressed with the customer support I have received from NSK.

On a final note, I firmly believe that merely satisfying patients is not enough to earn their loyalty. Instead, they must experience exceptional service worthy of continued support and referral and we should always treat our patients as we would expect to be treated ourselves.

Dr Chris Dalton qualified in Cardiff in July 1973 and runs a private practice in Cardiff. His special interests include CADCAM, Endodontics and minimally invasive techniques with the use of ozone.

The sensational S-Max pico ultra-mini turbine

Featuring the world’s smallest neck and head size in the world*, NSK’s S-Max pico has been developed especially for minimally invasive (MI) procedures, ensuring wider visibility and a more comfortable operation. The ultra mini head and super slim handpiece design is the result of NSK’s precision engineering, allowing a wider view of the operational field, and greater flexibility for dexterity and improved accuracy of operation with a microscope.

The NSK S-Max pico’s ultra-mini head and super slim stainless steel body, benefits from key features including ceramic ball bearings, cellular glass rod optics, and the option of LED illumination, to create a handpiece like no other. Plus each S-Max pico turbine contains a FREE starter set of pico diamond burs (6pc. - 1x each PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5, PC6), especially designed and developed for use in combination with the S-Max pico.  

Easily connecting to NSK, KaVo®, Sirona® W&H® & Bien-Air® couplings, you can start benefiting from the sensational performance of the S-Max pico ultra-mini turbine whichever handpiece you’re currently using!


With so many products available, plus the opportunity to take advantage of NSK’s 10-day, no-obligation ‘try before you buy’ and equipment rental scheme, we would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss how NSK can meet your needs. If you would like to arrange a visit from one of our NSK Product Specialists please call NSK on 0800 634 1909.

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*As of March 2011